Rajiv R. Shah, M.D., MyMeds Founder
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Inspired by the Institute of Medicine’s landmark 1999 report, To Err is Human,
Dr. Shah founded MyMeds® to empower patients to become active partners in their health. He recognized that the most logical way for patients to get involved in their care is through their medicines since patients are in control of whether or not they take them.

While working in the clinic and hospital, Dr. Shah encountered many people who were hospitalized because they did not take their medications correctly. He found that many of these hospitalizations were preventable if patients simply understood why they were taking medications. He listened to patients and their families and heard a clear message – they wanted to become more informed and involved in their health, but didn’t know how.

Combining his background in Cognitive Psychology with his experience in clinical medicine, he created MyMeds – a patient-centric medication management tool that helps people take their medicines properly. It does this by:

  1. Reminding people when to take and refill their medicines.
  2. Teaching people why they take certain medicines.

Dr. Shah is Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology (kidney diseases).